elitespun  is the name synonymous with the most exclusive hand knitting and weaving yarns spun in Canada using the finest fibers available. We carry a large selection of yarns made from natural, environmentally friendly fibers such as merino wool, BFL, organic wool, cashmere, camel, silk, alpaca, soybean, bamboo, corn fiber, and milk fiber.

All yarns are spun in our manufacturing facility in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. We can also custom blend and produce specialty fibers and yarns. We also offer fibers in pencil rovings for the hand spinning enthusiast.

Our merino wool blends are made using the finest merinos from New Zealand, our cashmeres and silks sourced from the finest breeds in China. We also carry unusual wool breeds such as Blue faced Leicester from the United Kingdom.

Our undyed natural yarns are popular with Indie Dyers. Our yarns are easy to dye and are soft and luxurious.

We ship to Canada, US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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           100% Organic Wool and blends with Organic Wool are now available. For a list of our new yarns, please click

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The Finest in Yarns and Fibers
The Finest in Yarns and Fibers

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