- 115 gm hank 80/10/10 Merino/Cashmere/Nylon dyed skeins - sport weight - 1,000 yds per lb - $24.25/sk versus retail price of $35.00/skein retail. Limited quantities and in limited shades.

We also have 4/8 (1,984 yards per lb) 100% Untreated Dyed Merino - Great for felting projects at an unbelievable price

2/7 NM 97/3 (1,960 yards per lb) bamboo natural corespun with lycra.
2/14 NM 100% Wool Dyed Lace Weight - 18.65/sk
3/9 NM 70/20/10 Wool/Bamboo/Nylon Dyed Sport Weight - 16.95/sk

New Yarns in the Factory Store:

Super Fine Lace Weight 100% Cashmere
3/7.5 (1,400 yards per lb) 50/50 Milk/Cotton
4/15 (2,100 yards per lb) 80/20 Milk/Wool
4/10 (1,400 yards per lb) 100% Wool DK
2/12 (3,360 yards per lb) 65/35 Silk/Linen
1/2 (1,120 yards per lb)100% Wool Natural
2/6 (1,680 yards per lb) 70/30 Silk/Camel
1/1.8 (1,008 yards per lb) 50/40/10 WOOL/ALPACA/SILK            

Plus lots more. We have everything from Cones yarn, skeins, fiber, mill ends - everything you need for the project you are working on.

Items are on a first come first serve basis.Please note these items are final sale - no returns and no refunds.

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The Finest in Yarns and Fibers
The Finest in Yarns and Fibers

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